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Coaching Fees

Dear coachees,


as you may be aware, private and state health insurances do not cover the fees for coaching sessions.

This, however, presents concrete advantages for you: You experience significantly shorter waiting times (in Germany, you may have to wait weeks and months for a therapy spot with health insurance coverage),  no presentation of your case to an expert for approval and there is no entry of a "diagnosis" at your record. In addition, it is statistically and scientifically proven that self-payers demonstrate an elevated level of motivation and tend to arrive faster at desired results.

Furthermore, the statutory health insurances only adopt three standard psychotherapy methods (analytical psychotherapy, psychotherapy based on depth psychology and behavioral therapy), each of which require a longer treatment period (80 to 300 hours) that are irrelevant to High Performance Activation, Stage Fright, Public Speaking and Tranformational Coaching anyway.

As a Coach, I base my effectiveness on a variety of modern psychotherapy, neuroscientific and coaching models, which as a rule effect change instantly.


Fees (Tax included):

Initial telephone call (15 minutes): free of charge

Test Anxiety Coaching (60 minutes): 90€

Personal Development, Stagefright, Public Speaking, and Intercultural Coaching (60 minutes): 190€

Coaching packages of 10 sessions come with a 10% discount.

It is my social responsibility to offer PRO BONO coaching for victims of domestic and/or sexual abuse.



Your Dr. Niovi Klavdianou

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