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Personal  Development   Coaching

Personal development coaching is an empowering process, which will put you in the driver seat of your choices, improving your level of satisfaction and meaning in your personal and professional life.

How it works:

The process of personal development coaching is co-designed by both parties, me and you. I will be evoking insight and contemplation by asking thought provoking questions to encourage you to look at things from different perspectives. I will listen, provide input and suggestions, as well as challenge and support you throughout the process.


Through a person-centered format of discussion, I will be guiding you in developing transversal skills and competencies so that you develop the ability to unfold your full potential and achieve positive changes in one or more areas of your life. I will be your companion during your self-discovery phase and I will help you activate your inner voice, develop your creativity and build up your resilience.

My biggest satisfaction is to see you develop into a lifelong achiever, a curious mind, a resilient force of goodness. Someone who knows how to lead an authentic life and enjoy long-lasting  relationships. Someone who is an inspired partner, artist, employee, parent, leader. Activate your full potential!

Improve your life with this coaching:

  1. Improve overall life balance. Develop Insights on your priorities

  2. Recognize your desired goals, then set resourceful and actionable paths in order to start achieving them

  3. Identify the habits that no longer serve you & your aspirations and develop the intrinsic motivation to modify them

  4. Develop resilience when change is inevitable

  5. Tune in and expand your awareness in regards to Empathic Leadership

  6. Learn and implement techniques to give effective feedback in your professional and/or personal life

  7. Efficiently manage your stress

Learn how to make the correct decisions and find satisfaction and balance in your Life

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