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Test Anxiety Coaching

Reach your Peak Performance when taking important tests. Never worry again that your hard work will go unnoticed because of your anxiety. Learn how to learn faster and activate your memory while being under intense pressure.

Understand your fear and overcome it:

Statistically speaking, between 25 and 40 percent of students experience recurring test anxiety. Some even experience it as an intense fear or worry that interferes with their true abilities and academic outcome.

Some anxiety is expected and often even helpful to stay mentally and physically alert. However, too much of it can result in emotional or physical distress, difficulty concentrating and memory loss.


Test anxiety can also be labeled as a performance or evaluation anxiety.  Inferior performance often arises not because of intellectual challenges or poor academic preparation, but due to the testing situation per se, creating a subconscious threat that leads to thoughts of failure, even fear of death. This anxiety creates significant barriers to learning and succeeding at a given intellectual task.


Research suggests that high levels of emotional distress have a direct correlation to reduced academic performance and higher overall student drop-out rates. Test anxiety can have broader consequences, negatively affecting a student's social, emotional and behavioral development, as well as their feelings about themselves and school.


Learn to raise your test performance, but more importantly, learn how to cleverly overcome your anxiety. Apply targeted visualization techniques that promote deep relaxation, strengthen your vision about who you are. Master memory activation techniques that will increase your test scores and your self-esteem.

Learn how to:

  1. Get into the flow, be present in the moment

  2. Strenghten your ability to concentrate

  3. Set your goals and targets, move towards your vision

  4. Visualise the outcome and succeed!

  5. Manage your stress. Be a champion!

Release your fears and free your mind

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