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Performance Activation Coaching Stage Fright

Learn how to create and maintain equilibrium and momentum over long periods of time, leading you to your peak performance. In a short period of time you will master techniques and strategies to fully accept your passion and follow it through to success with attitude and discipline.

Understand and overcome your anxiety:


The aspiration of the “perfect“ performance is an undeniable expectation when we put ourselves on the stage. It should raise respect from our colleagues, admiration of our friends and adoration of the public. It is a cause for celebration, a motivation to keep on improving one's craft, an emotional fulfillment to successfully complete a demanding “super-task”. We have long prepared for it, dreamt about it and succeed in doing it well in a controlled environment.

Ready to share your artistic abilities with the world?


Stage Fright or Fear of Performance is a mental, emotional and hormonal state against which almost every musician, actor, dancer or athlete has had to struggle throughout their careers. At the „moment of truth“, every trace of self-control or mental clarity vanishes, leaving plenty of space for an abstract feeling of panic and despair. A large number of performing professionals suffer from chronic nightmares or anxieties weeks prior to their performances. Others depend on seeking spiritual protection through different forms of prayer, there is even an entire tradition of deliberately refraining from using certain words, names, phrases when on or close to the stage, due to their mystic powers that could „jinx“ the performance!


The creative state in which performing artists and athletes are about to demonstrate their abilities in front of "important others" is one of the most existential, primal fears in humans, whose origins are deeply rooted in our genetic heritage. Imagine your tribe abolishing you, back in the day of caves and wooden bats, because you are not „good enough“. It meant abandonment and eventually death. 


We are therefore regularly triggered by subconscious thoughts that our „lack of ability“ will threaten to destroy the respect, sympathy or love of people close to us, as well as the vague general public.


The bottom line result is that performers suffering from fear of failure develop negative self-perceptions. Even before any vocal mistake, any mishap on the violin or a misstep of the pirouette, we already expect - one might even say- provoke our own failure. We become the „prophets of our own inadequacy“ and block every healthy mental strategy that would enable us to effectively combat the crisis and raise our chances of success.


If you are familiar with any of the above, I will help you solve this unpleasantly recurring situation by converting your unconscious fears into constructive and liberating concepts of thinking and acting.


With the help of mental and psychological techniques, you will transform the negative experiences of the past in “power fuel” for the future and eliminate mental blockages and self-sabotage. Life and Stage can now become a place for you to freely and authentically express yourself. The respect and praise of your environment will flow back into your life, creating a sense of “purpose” and a firm identity of who you truly are.


Improve your performance with this coaching:

  1. Identify and overcome the negative behaviour and thought processes that create self-sabotage

  2. Identify and maximise your strengths

  3. Activate your confidence and inspiration in your performance and artistic choices

  4. Learn practical, immediately usable methods to prevail over the fine motoric of your body and create a strong, focused and empowered mindset

  5. Learn to receive and transform negative feedback into power fuel for your future projects

  6. Sense, identify and understand the emotions and reactions of others

Learn how to deliver a strong and confident performance experience

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