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Transformational Coaching

As opposed to coaching for performance, which enables you to activate resources for your everyday important tasks, coaching for development shows an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to approach and grow your awareness through challenges. Learn who you become in the process and how you realize your high dreams about your lifes' meaning and purpose.

How it works:

Drawn from a wide range of schools of thought, transformational coaching is focused on enabling our self-actualization. Far more than “options-strategy-action” to attain goals or to get better at something, transformational coaching dives deep into an individual’s psyche, focusing on who that person is and desires to become. Transformational coaching is therefore an ontological approach because it is about ‘being’ rather than “doing”.


The great transformational coaching questions therefore are:

„How can I bring my envisioned goals into realisation?“

„How do I fullfill my higher nature?“

„Who do I choose to be?” 

„How can I become the embodiment of that choice in being?“


To serve this process, an effective transformational coach supports the coachee to dive below the surface and immerse themselves in self-exploration, to examine their beliefs, images and interpretations about who they are and their purpose and place in this world.


From the coachee's perpective, it requires the willingness to face shadowy fears and beliefs in order to become free of patterns of thought and emotion that have held them captive for a lifetime. Only then change may happen at the core level of the mind, within the person’s internal operating system. When the person grows significantly at this core level, the impetus for equally significant shifts in their behaviors, choices and emotions will arise.


The role of the transformational coach is to maintain focus on the growth potentials of the deeper realm, and to encourage exploration of being as precursor to taking action. Being is paramount to doing, and doing flows from being.

Learn how to:

  1. Improve your awareness and identity

  2. Develop talents and potential

  3. Build human capital

  4. Enhance your quality of life

  5. Contribute to the realization of your high dreams and aspirations

Cultivate your sense of “being” and allow yourself to achieve self-empowerment, deeper happiness and inner peace

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